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Every Body Is Beautiful 

My name is Sheila Langton and I'm the owner of EBIB. My brand EBIB is all about body positivity, aspiring to celebrate self-love in all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and ability. Sharing inspiring projects and new blog posts every week to show yourself love and acceptance every day. The inspiration behind my brand started off as a self-initiated project based on what affects our wellbeing the most. The growth of social media is one of the major factors idealising a perfect body image and this inspired me to show we are all perfect in our own way.

We are living in a generation where social media rules modern society. People are highly influenced by what they see on social media and that is why I want to use my platform, to promote positive body image in myself and others through my work. 

My goal is to continue to create work inspired by body positivity using social media platforms to raise awareness through my designs of ongoing issues and help others develop self-confidence.

We are in a world where other people's opinion's impact how we live our lives. I understand it is human nature to want to be accepted, leading to people worrying about what others are thinking of them or how they look. We have to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions, what others think of you cannot change who you are or what you are worth. I believe that when you truly love yourself first, everything else will fall into place. This is your life to live. At the end of the day, only you will approve of your own choices and how you see yourself. I hope that through my brand I will be able to inspire you to show yourself the love that you truly deserve.


Word of Mouth

"I absolutely love my T-shirt!! I feel so body positive when I wear it, and the design it so gorgeous. Thank you so much and I love the gifts the order came with such a lovely idea"

- Abbey Goodfellow -


Instagram- arty_abbs

"I was looking for some inspirational art work to place in my living room and EBIB offers a bespoke printing service where you can create your own."

"The quality of printing is fantastic and upon noticing a small error when I submitted my file to print,  the customer service was quick in responding and coming to a solution.  Special thanks to Sheila who is extremely helpful and meticulous. I couldn't be more pleased with the end results."

"I am very happy I chose EBIB to design my art pieces. I plan on ordering more products from EBIB in the future . I would highly recommend EBIB designs."

- Anne-Marie -

Instagram- ohhwellness

“I couldn’t be happier to have a framed print from EBIB in my home. It is such lovely quality and the piece itself feels so special. You can really tell that a lot of love and time has gone into the design. The service was very accommodating and I was able to customise the print size and frame colour to suit me."


"They are very responsive and thoughtful, and the communication was great along the way, from placing order to it arriving at my door. I highly recommend their work and would absolutely order from them again in the future!”

- Megan Dennison -

Instagram- megan_dennison

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