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Interview with the gorgeous Natasha!💗

When we share our story openly, owning it and showing the world where it brought us, will empower others to speak up too. Building each other up and to show that you are never alone.

Natasha Jean Ling is a multidisciplinary artist based in Norwich, UK. She studied a BA in Fashion Communication and promotion with the focus being on fashion styling, marketing, content photography and social media. After completing her BA, She went on to study a Masters in Curatorial Studies with the focus being on community and audience. This is where she started her podcast ‘Hair Talks’ which was broadcasted on BBC Radio Norfolk. Conversation has always been the key passion for Natasha, she loves to talk to people from all different backgrounds.

Here Natasha talks about body positivity, her experience, struggles and how she overcome body image. Also giving wise advice on how to truly love yourself.

For more Information about this amazing queen please checkout her Instagram page.

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